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New entry level, high quality cutting plotter from Graphtec


Superior quality, high reliability and affordable price. Best suitable cutting plotter which is required high quality with small volume for office, store and heat transfer, automotive sign, etc.







Easy operation for beginner by 4.3 inch touch panel

CE LITE-50 offers high cutting quality, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. Enable to create original goods easily with its intuitive and easy to use 4.3 inch touch panel and enhanced software.

Easy Data handling with USB Stick

By using cut data saved in USB memory, you can easily cut without using PC.

High productivity for business use

Maximum mauntable media width of 508 mm (20 inches), efficiently produces art for your business.

Supports sheet type media and roll type media

Continuously cut roll media designs up to 3 m* long using the included roll media stocker.

* Accuracy guarantee 1m. It depemds on the condition of cutting and media.

Create original goods by using Print & Cut function

Using Print & Cut function, CE LITE-50 align the position of the cutting line to the printed image automatically. Enable to cut stickers and heat transfer sheet with this function.




Improved productivity of Print & Cut applications

ARMS Print & Cut  ARMS7.0 

Using ARMS Print & Cut, the plotter detects registration marks on the media to accurately align the position of the cutting line to the printed image. ARMS7.0 is able to detect marks on a media with various color surface.

* The marks may not be detected by condition of the media.

Simple Print & Cut  New Function 

When using sheets, the CE LITE-50 finds the edge of the media and aligns the position of the contour cut line to the printed image without registration marks. (Must use a standard size) The maximum cutting area can be utilized regardless of color or shading of media because registration marks do not need to be printed.
* Position accuracy depends on the quality of the printer.
   Contour cutting position might be required fine adjustment.


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